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One of my favourite directors, Philip Ridley - director of only 2 other films, The Reflecting Skin (one of the best films ever made) and The Passion Of Darkly Noon - recently made his first film in almost 15 years, Heartless.

It's a fantastic urban gothic metaphor on love and beauty centering around a young man with very disfiguring birthmarks over his body and face who has led a very traumatic life at the hands of his disfigurement. He has become reclusive living with his mother in a small flat in London, venturing out only to partake in his only passion, photography. He believes to be beautiful is to be loved.

Through a series of tragic events and bizarre murders he learns the true meaning of love and beauty and the costs that come with them both.

It is absolutely stunning, powerful and deeply emotional. Philip Ridley has taken elements of the horror genre and turned it on it's head by compacting it with genuine human emotion, feeling and connection. It's unique and powerful stuff and highly recommended.


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