Happy new year!

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Re: Happy new year!

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We've been very lucky and not had the monumental and devestating flooding Queensland and Victoria have been subjected to.

Adelaide got put on flood alert last week but never eventuated to more than a day of unusually heavy summer rain. South Australia is normally totally rain free from around November to late March.

Due to there being only 2 main river systems in such a huge country, flooding will eventually hit South Australia but it will take weeks to get here and our intense summer heat will certainly reduce the flow well before it hits city limits.

I've been enjoying the rather nice birds here, this morning I was greeted by the rocking laughter of a very fine Kookaburra, who was having a good old giggle at god knows what!!

We've also had a very grumpy galah in the back garden, which usually means avoid going outside while he's about. And the dead hollow tree at the end of our road has been occupied by a large flock of sulphur crested cockatoos, who asides from being very beautiful, are absolutely noisy and rawk as can be!!

No possums this year, but there is still time!!!

I dreamed of 747's, over geometric farms...

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