Happy Birthday d.a.walker!!

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Happy Birthday d.a.walker!!

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Happy Birthday Daniel, hope you're having a fine old time. Let's face it, with new Tori, Bjork, and Kate on the horizon, and Peej just having won the Mercury Prize, you picked a great time to have a birthday! ^

[bday] [bday] [bday] [bday]
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Re: Happy Birthday d.a.walker!!

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Hi Daniël, I hope you'll have a nice birthday! [bday]

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Re: Happy Birthday d.a.walker!!

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Have yourself a great one [bday]

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Re: Happy Birthday d.a.walker!!

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Am I a little late? anyway, hope it is/was/continues to be great, Daniel!

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Re: Happy Birthday d.a.walker!!

Post by Franck »

I am too, by the way, hope you had a great time! [bday]
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Re: Happy Birthday d.a.walker!!

Post by d.a.walker »

Hello Everyone!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, it's really appreciated, and I know I should call in here more often than I do.

Had quite a quiet birthday, funny how the older you get the less you really want a birthday haha!

Been absolutely loving the new Tori album, and how beautiful is her daughter's voice?! Seriously think she's going to be a very interesting singer in her own right someday!

Got a load of CDs, among my favourites is Keren Ann's 101, and Fionn Regan's new album.

I have a major gig in November, which I am preparing for. My album is set to appear in 2012, I've recorded so many songs too, and choosing what makes the album is very hard work when so many of them mean so much. The Preservation deal fell through, funny the influence EMI has on things you don't expect, bastards, it's like they want me back.

But I'm feeling good, stronger, and the songs are just pouring from me. Working with the auto harp has been wonderful too, I've taken to it like a duck to water and am almost playing it more than the piano. I'm working with a friend on a project soon too, she's a fantastic singer and it's going to be good!

Damn I'm too busy these days :mrgreen:

It's weird, I got it so wrong in my 20's and now in my mid 30's it's all falling into place. Don't care about success, I just like getting out there and singing/playing :mrgreen:

And I am SOOOOOO excited about the new Kate album hahah :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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