Leading the WOMAD procession

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Leading the WOMAD procession

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Here's my family making a racket at the closing procession at WOMAD last Sunday. Our band-a mix of several streetbands and odd associates (like me) - got to lead the procession this year. If I tell you that there were seven bands spread through the whole parade, you get an idea of the size of it. All the images and fol-de-rol are made by kids during the 4-day festival.
My partner and son are at the front on the right playing percussion (my son in wellies playing snare) and then a bit later whoever filmed it was in the right place to film muggins here doing a short soprano sax solo (my annual dust-off of the instrument -actually I haven't played it for two years because I went to the Olympics last summer instead of WOMAD. I make no excuses.)

Anyway it was great fun. Shortly afterwards the heavens opened for 20 minutes (the procession lasts an hour or more, pretty knackering) but nobody minded. We ended up jamming with 2 samba bands for another half-hour after it was all over.

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Re: Leading the WOMAD procession

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Tom Scott watch out? :mrgreen:

Great stuff Dave, glad you and your family had such a good time. :D

Mind you, I'm glad you didn't come down my road making that racket? :mrgreen:

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Re: Leading the WOMAD procession

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Looks like great fun, Dave, nice to see your son as well, crikey he's so big now! :shock:
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