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Re: This Is.......Promos

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RobB wrote:I havn't been on eBay since returning from my holiday. I'm out of routine a bit.

I don't think any of Stina's collectables are ever going to be really valuable unfortunately. If she was suddenly to become commercially popular and there was a sudden interest in her past works,then demand would start pushing up prices for collectors.

But thats pretty unlikely to happen.
I dunno, they're bound to find her body eventually.

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Re: This Is.......Promos

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sound world wrote:Incidentally,this reminds me that I once found an old post by Fog (Greek guy,around CQD c.'02-'03) in which he claimed to have found a 'Sharon and Hope' single with a different cover,I quote :-
'It features Stina in a black and white photo looking demurely at the camera holding something like a photo-frame which says: Stina Nordenstam "Sharon&Hope".
The CD shows that kind of halogen circular look like a halo lamp which features on the cover of "This is..."
Very very very nice!!!!'

I have never heard of this before or since.Was he having us on?
Just bumping up this thread as I've edited in some new info onto my opening post.

Also, after the passing of eight years,I don't suppose anyone has come across the 'Sharon & Hope' single with the alternative cover? :)


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Re: This Is.......Promos

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Well, if anyone had it would be you or me...or kuhn, though he seems to be AWOL of late.

I think Fog's 'Sharon' disc was an invention. After all this time it would have showed up somewhere else by now. I remember that someone - Elfy? - met him (Fog) and didn't like or trust him.

Fun reading through this old thread!

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