New album by Anja Garbarek

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New album by Anja Garbarek

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One of my favourite artists, Anja Garbarek (daughter of sax legend Jan) has just put out her first album in 13 years, based on a theatre show she's been involved with 'The Road Is Just A Surface'.
It comes in two editions, Red? and Yellow? each on CD or vinyl. The Red one has more experimental ambience, the Yellow is 'Song-oriented', but both have similar material approached differently.

Apart from her 'heavy' debut 'Welkommen Inn', made for the Norwegian market, Anja's subsequent albums 'Balloon Mood', 'Smiling and Waving' , 'Briefly Shaking' and the soundtrack to 'Angel A' (which is a fabulous movie, BTW) have been sublime and full of interesting musical and lyrical notions.

Rather like Stina, I'd given up on the idea of her releasing another album...but happily I'm wrong! Perhaps Stina might surprise us next...

My CDs are in the post...can't wait!

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