Stina song gets the classical treatment !!!

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Stina song gets the classical treatment !!!

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Back in 2007 Concerto Calendonia* released an album called Lion, which featured a cover of Stina's I See You Again..
With brooding strings and sung by Mary Ann Kennedy, I rather like it.
I can't find a direct link to the song, but this is the Lion page so you'll have to do your own clicking. :D

*Concerto Caledonia is Scotland’s leading baroque ensemble, specialising in the music of 18th century Scotland played on period instruments, and directed by David McGuinness.


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Re: Stina song gets the classical treatment !!!

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It just goes to show what a beautiful song it is. I'd like to know who transcribed it, they've done a very good job - some of the chords at the beginning are difficult to unravel.
A good version with a nice stillness about it, but it misses Stina's unique voice (and BVs...)

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