RIP Trish Keenan 1968-2011

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RIP Trish Keenan 1968-2011

Post by d.a.walker »

Very sad news announced by Warp Records that Trish Keenan, singer with group Broadcast, has died aged 42 of complications of pneumonia after battling H1N1 influenza.
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Re: RIP Trish Keenan 1968-2011

Post by RobB »

42 is terribly young to die. :(

Somewhere I think i might have a few Broadcast songs on an album samplar but to be honest i'm not really familiar with their music even though i have heard good things about them.

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Re: RIP Trish Keenan 1968-2011

Post by aermancer »

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Re: RIP Trish Keenan 1968-2011

Post by Franck »

(Someone is still remembering this forum…)

Thanks for posting this.
I must admit I didn't listen to Broadcast at the time… And I did miss something great. Never too late.
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