Chris Garneau

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Chris Garneau

Post by wirbel »

Since I was away for quite a while I came across a number of new artists. One of them I enjoyed listening to the most was Chris Garneau. First thing I saw or heard of him was a video called 'Fireflies'. I found it because it was directed by Daniel Stessen which I came to know from when he worked with the Grey Kid. So from time to time I check his website to see what he's been up to, since he makes interesting videos.

The video for Fireflies is an interesting take on the classical video game of Zelda and the scenery is also amazingly beautiful. It was all shot on a three day trip through California. Stessen also directed another video of Chris for his first album called Relief:

This was from the first album Music for Tourists which is my favourite so far; the second album is a bit more 'quirky' and somewhat less emotional.
Let me know what you think of this artist. :)

Daniel Stessen's website:
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Re: Chris Garneau

Post by RobB »

I quite enjoyed places it kind of sounded like Sparks doing a cover of 'you've got to be a hustler if you want to get on' :mrgreen:

I wouldn't have guessed it was a man singing though....with my eyes closed, i would have said it was a woman.

Relief didn't really hold my attention like the jaunty Fireflies did. I'd forgotten it as soon as it ended.

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