2001 'This Is....' audio webcast.

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2001 'This Is....' audio webcast.

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The fact that Stina is self-conscious about being seen walking around, apparently talking to herself, really dates this recording. These days people do it all the time !!! :mrgreen:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G06-Y1W ... StarsOnESP


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Re: 2001 'This Is....' audio webcast.

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Yes, saw that had been posted.
The other thing that comes across is that she has a terrible memory! - can't remember half the songs on the album.

These little snippets of Stina past are very precious now. Somewhere I have a recording of the Q and A she did with CQD members, where Q's were submitted by us and then (Vero) put them to Stina.
Someone asked why the video for 'Circus' didn't get onto the This Is movie, and she just dissolves into giggles.

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